Longwood Psychological Center
Longwood Huntsville, Alabama 

Mission Statement

Seeking mental health treatment can be a confusing and difficult experience for both patients and referring physicians.  Longwood Psychological Center hopes to provide a source of broad based, easily accessible services to meet the needs of a range of individuals, families and organizations.

Broad Scope of Clinical Services

Coordination of Medical and Mental Health Treatment:  To allow for coordination of treatment efforts we will personalize a working relationship suited to the needs of the referring physician, making the most of the synergy between mental health and medical treatment.  We work closely with primary care physicians and a number of psychiatrists to ensure continuity of care.

Individual, Family and Group Psychotherapy:  All of our clinical staff provide a broad range of individual, family and group psychotherapy and counseling.

Psychological Evaluation and Testing:  Dr. Bibb, Dr. Quirk and Dr. Sandy provide appropriate psychological testing, interview and reports designed to answer a variety of psychological questions.  Testing can provide answers related to psychological and medical diagnosis, legal issues of competence, and issues specific to employment settings.

 Longwood Psychological Center